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Yancey Jones

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Character Name: Yancey Rodregez Jones

Howdy, my name is Yancey Jones. Most students know me as Mr. Jones or Mr. Yancey. Currently I am employed as a custodian at ______ High School. I was born in Jonesboro Texas in 1955. My Papi and Mami died when i was but a lad and lived with my brother until I was sent to prison in the early 1970s. I spent a ten year sentance at a prison in Texas for killing a man in Dallas. I escaped prison by boaring a hole through the ground with my friend Lenny, using nothing but a spoon, a tooth pick, and a copy of The Unvanquished, by William Faulkner. I fled to Hawaii 10 years ago and recently picked up a job as a custodian.


Currently I enjoy cruising around in my Harley Davidson. I work on my truck whenever i possibly can. I hate my job but there isn't any work available that won't do a background check so I am stuck here dealing with these punk kids making messes and being disrespectful. I never got the advantages these kids got and dag-namit  they take it for granted.



Physical Description

Birth date & Age: March 21, 1955

Height: 6' 4''

Eye Color: Blue

Build: Stocky

Weight: 210

Hair Color: Grey

Sex/Gender: Male

Physical adjectives: Old, santa-like

Disposition: crotchity

Self-image: old



Children: None 

Place in Family: N/A

Immediate Family Members: Brother Juan


Personal Data

Education: High School Degree

Occupation: Custodian

Social Class: Low, Blue Collar

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: White

Hobbies: Shooting Clay Pigeons, gardening

Ambitions: Get a better job

Friends: None



Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Ham Hawks

Favorite Beverage: Wiskey Old Fashion

Favorite Book: The Little Engine That Could

Favorite Time of Day: When the bar opens

Favorite Season: Winter

Car: Suburban  

Favorite Sport: Nascar

Favorite Place to Go: The Bar

Favorite Animal: Bear

Favorite Activity: Gardening


Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 7:50 pm on Nov 28, 2007

Yours is the best!!!

Anonymous said

at 2:08 pm on Nov 29, 2007

You seem really approachable! Wow!

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