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Theo Haflin

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Theo in the house!! Hello, my name is Theo Haflin and I hail from Phoenix, Arizona and now dwell in the most glorious Honolulu, Hawaii.I am also one half of the dynamic duo, also formally called a set of twins. Ah, what is not to love about being a senior in high school? Well first of all, I am pretty well known with other students, because of my charismatic ways and bright smile wherever I go, so yea I am sort of a big deal....in my own world! Even though I think of myself as a loner, doesn't mean that I am really one. I enjoy spending the beautiful sunny days strolling along the beach and making new friends along the way. The people are awesome and what better way for an 18 yr. old to explore her surroundings than to live in an adventurous place like Hawaii. I first moved down here when I was about 5, and from then on I was hooked on Hawaiian life. My parents were in a business together and they decided to move it to a more 'remote' location. My older brothers eventually went on to college and soon were moving from Hawaii, one by one. It is more difficult to choose a hobby down here, because there are so many things to choose from, but instead I like to keep myself busy by making awesome music on the ever so popular turn tables and I have soon become known as the 'Dj Gurl'. I keep the teens around here occupied with music and in return, I have come to some popularity. Hopefully, I will soon later graduate and go on to do a Dj gig on the side, but other than that, my real passion is to become Massage Therapist. If I can be relaxed by the Hawaiian way, then I want to show others what peace and rest is really like. Oh and Go TIKIS!!!








Character Name: Theo Haflin


Physical Description

Birth date & Age: November 3, 1989 & 18 yrs. old

Height: 5'4”...yea I am pretty much short

Eye Color:Blue-Green with a little rust color

Build: A little muscle, but some fat 

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Color: Auburn-Brown

Sex/Gender: Female

Physical adjectives: curvy, nicely proportioned


Personality Type

Main personality traits: Sarcastic, shy, smiley, and sometimes distant

Disposition: friendly, yet defensive

Self-image: Pretty much a loner, but yet awesome all to myself



Marital Status: Single

Children: What happens may happen...when I am older at least

Place in Family: Middle Child

Immediate Family Members: Mother, Father, Two older brothers, Twin Older Brother

Relatives: Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, Three cousins


Personal Data

Education: Senior in High School

Occupation: Secretary at a Church

Social Class: Middle-Class

Religion: Agnostic, with a bit of curiosity towards Buddhism

Ethnicity: Native American, Scottish

Hobbies: Dj-ing, Making wicked mixes on the turn-tables, and swimming

Ambitions: Just making it past college, and then maybe onto Europe for bigger adventures. I also would like to succeed in being a massage therapist.

Friends: A few awesome buddies



Favorite Color: Burgundy

Favorite Food: Indian Cuisine: Chana Masala

Favorite Beverage: Orangina

Favorite Book: Kushiel's Chosen- Jaqueline Carey

Favorite Time of Day: Twilight

Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday

Favorite Season: Autumn

Car: Jeep Wrangler

Favorite Sport: Rugby

Favorite Place to Go: Boundary Waters

Favorite Animal: Black Panther

Favorite Activity: Inventing new games



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