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Summer Roberts

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Hey Betches its Summer! Im sixteen years old at Maui Highschool! Home of the Tikis! I moved here from La Jolla, California a year ago for my dad's job. I feel i have adapted totally well here and people seem to love me! umm but who doesnt.. thats beside the point. A little about me, I have two older brothers like i said below in my bio. My daddy is A Big Buisness Lawyer who made the choice to move here because he had a huge case here. And he makes a ton more money now which is fabulous!! My mom just goes shopping and goes to spas all day.. We are more like friends than mother and daughter.Shes wicked gorgeous and i totally want to look liek her when im older! My best friend is Barbie Mickelson! shes my favorite betch at school! me and her are so similar it sometime scares me! We go shopping tanning, checking out all of the hotties and surfing together all the time! I also have a Wicked hot boyfriend who is a senior here at Maui high. He is so great and we spend so much time together! he moved here to pursue his surfing career, umm can you say sexy?? anyways if you want to get to know me more just ask or check me at my myspace or facebook. (although i dont accept your friend request unless i know you like crazy well and if your like wicked hott.) anyways love ya betches!!


Character Name: Summer Roberts

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: 7/6/91--16 years old

Height: 5’5

Eye Color: green/blue


Hair Color: blonde

Sex/Gender: Female

Physical adjectives: blonde, tan, is like gorgeous an adjective?



Main personality traits: super cool, so funny, wayy nice, super outgoing, wicked smart..

Disposition: Sunny!

Self-image: umm im gorgeous...?



Marital Status: Thats sick! im still in higschool, please.. But i have a wicked hot boyfriend who is a senior named John Sanders.. he’s pretty much the hottest boy in school!

Children: umm...no i’m in like highschool..DUH

Place in Family: I’m the youngest, Pulease!

Immediate Family Members: Two older brothers, Blake who is a senior in highschool and Cal who is a sophomore at USC.

Relatives: Two brothers, umm i mentioned them before duh.. and Mom Julie and Dad Jerry.


Personal Data

Education: Sophomore in highschool

Occupation: Eww... Me, work?

Social Class: umm Upper Class..puhlease.

Religion: Jesus is my homeboy!

Ethnicity: umm..white! but if you need to know all the details, swedish, greek, and english..

Hobbies: shopping with Barbie, Tanning, Making out with my super hott boyfriend John, Driving my car, walking Babe my Chiwawa!

Ambitions: to get out of here and make tons of money to keep up with my crazy lifestyle!

Friends: Barbie Mickelson umm duh she’s my BFF!


Favorite Color: Porange...Pink and Orange duh!

Favorite Food: cellery sticks and lettuce.. 0 calories!!!

Favorite Beverage: Strawberry Daquiri..Virgin come on!!

Favorite Book:Does cosmo count?

Favorite Time of Day: 7:00 pm when the parties are starting

Favorite Day of the Week:Saturday! umm Parties?

Favorite Season: umm Summer! is that even a question? it is my name afterall!

Car: Mercedes Benz Clk convertable...Black duh!

Favorite Sport: Shopping!!

Favorite Place to Go: The beach and the mall...

Favorite Animal: my pet Chiwawa named Babe

Favorite Activity: Shopping, driving, surfing, laying out, tanning with Barbie, hanging out with my wicked hot boyfriend, traveling and Partying!

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