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Sharpay Evans

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 Hey! I am Sharpay Evans. I rule Maui High School, Home of the Tikis! I am fabulous! I am the lead in every play, and no one can even challenge me! So don't even try. I am very good at golf and during the summer, my family goes to our country club in Lava Springs, Arizona. I have a dog named Blondie, and a brother named Ryan. I am a senior this year, and when I graduate I plan on attending University of Florida Performing Arts.





Character Name: Sharpay Evans





Physical Description


Birth date & Age: July 2nd, 1989 Age: 18


Height: 5ft. 3in.


Eye Color: Brown


Build: Frail, Dainty, Toned  


Weight: 115 lb.


Hair Color: Blonde


Sex/Gender: Female


Physical adjectives: Slender, HOT




Personality Type


Main personality traits: I am fabulous.


Disposition: Friendly, to those who live in my country club. Some say biatchy.


Self-image: I am the greatest thing EVER!






Marital Status: Single, and SO ready to mingle! ;)


Children: No


Place in Family: The favorite!


Immediate Family Members: Mommy and daddy, and my brother Ryan


Relatives: Hannah Montana is my cousin (I sing WAY better)




Personal Data


Education: I am in high school.


Occupation: Are you joking?


Social Class: First Class, High Class, the best class! Classy.


Religion: Catholic


Ethnicity: Caucasian


Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Golf, Travel, Tanning


Ambitions: I will be a famous actress and singer, and make lots of money! $$$


Friends: It is not even realistic to name all of them, but I will list the imortant ones. Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, London Tipton, Aly and AJ, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsey Lohan,  Britney Spears, Jake Gyllenhal, Emma,  Melanie, Vicoria, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron <3





Favorite Color: Pink!


Favorite Food: Grilled Chicken Caeser Salad


Favorite Beverage: Ice Tea


Favorite Book: Gossip Girl


Favorite Time of Day: Night time Ay Ay Ay!


Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday


Favorite Season: Summer!


Car: BMW  


Favorite Sport: Golf


Favorite Place to Go: The Mall (with daddy's credit card)


Favorite Animal: Dog-The little ones that fit in my Louis Vuitton dog carrier!


Favorite Activity: Acting




This is me at LAX airport, the paparazzi like to snap photos of me. Good thing I look FIERCE!



Kayaking is pretty fun too!


Me and my brother Ryan at play practice! We are such divas.



At Pirates movie premire


An outing, but I stop for paparazzi sometimes ;)

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