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Sam Smith

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Character Name: Sam Smith - Bus Driver



  My name is Sam Smith.  I moved to the islands almost a decade ago.  I came out for a visit and never went home.   Since I moved here, I've been a carpenter, a waiter, a cook, and now I'm a busdriver at a high school.  It leaves me time to do the things I like such as scuba diving and surfing, and playing with my two kids, of course.  I like extrmeme sports and brushing up against danger.  (Maybe that's part of the reason I like driving a school bus.  Teenagers ar CRAZY!)  I like jumping off cliffs and diving into underwater caves.  One thing I can tell you is that I don't like when mainlanders, haoles, come out here and act like fools.  Tourists act like they own the place.  Go home if you're going to act like a pig--better yet--don't come at all.  I think this is part of the reason I drive a school bus.  At least kids have some hope left.  See more about me below.






















Physical Description


Birth date & Age: September 3, 1974 – Age 33


Height: 5’ 10”


Eye Color: Brown


Build: Athletic, Strong


Weight: 175


Hair Color: Would be brown if I didn’t shave it off


Sex/Gender: Male


Physical adjectives: Virile, attractive, great toothy smile, several tattoos, both ears pieced, scars on knee from blowing it out skiing.




Personality Type


Main personality traits:  Funny, smart-aleck, intelligent, hard-working, don't push me or boss me--I don't like it


Disposition: Friendly but can be cross when people do or say things that I don’t agree with


Self-image: Confident about physical and mental abilities






Marital Status: Unmarried but live with a lady


Children: 2 – a daughter who is seven and a son who is three


Place in Family: Second child


Immediate Family Members: A mom and dad who are divorced, a step dad who no longer is married to m mother, one older sister, as well as a younger half sister and brother


Relatives: Lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. 




Personal Data


Education: Finished high school and took some classes at community colleges.  I hope to attend school some day if I ever get off this island


Occupation: bus driver <- check out waht happened to this BUS!  (Not mine, obviously)


Social Class: working class


Religion: mmmmm...not realy


Ethnicity: Caucasion – mostly Polish descent


Hobbies: Playing with my kids, drinking coffee, surfing, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, watching documentaries and listening to public radio. 

I like to learn about politics and now much this world is getting totally messed up by people who think they know something.


Ambitions: One day I want to move back to mainland and get a better job that for certain isn’t in the tourist industry.


Friends: I can make them pretty easily but don’t really have a ot in common with the people out here.






Favorite Color: red


Favorite Food: Lebanese raw kibbeh and raw tuna - maguro


Favorite Beverage: water and coffee


Favorite Book: Motorcycle Diaries


Favorite Time of Day: early morning and sunset


Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday, named after the Norse god, Thor


Favorite Season: Anytime, anyplace.  I really like living here, but the seasons don't change much.  Winter in MN is cool.  Too bad there's not maountains.


Car: Jeep – the real kind 


Favorite Sport: surfing and skiing


Favorite Place to Go: up on the mountains and down to the water.


Favorite Animal: tiger and bulldog


Favorite Activity: running around making mischief


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