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Raven Baxter

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                                               Mr. Tucker                            

   Maui High School's Swim Coach





Character Name: Mr. Adam Tucker


Birth date & Age: May 10th, 1983


Height: 6'0"


Eye Color: Hazelnut brown


Build: A little more slender, skinny, but muscular


Weight:About 180 lbs.


Hair Color: Golden Blonde


Sex/Gender: Male


Physical adjectives: Tall, slender and fit





Personality Type: Optimistic, I live each day to the fullest


Main personality traits: My mind is a sea of ideas, generosity and intelligence


Disposition: I am kind to all students; I treat everyone with the respect they deserve


Self-image: Strong, determined





Family: I love them


Marital Status: Single


Children: Not yet


Place in Family: The oldest of three children


Immediate Family Members: My mom Tanya, My dad Mark, and my little brother and sister, Corey and Jenny


Relatives: I'm very close with my cousins






Education: Graduated with my Master's from a well-known school in Australia


Occupation: I Coach High School swimming


Social Class: Upper-Class


Religion: Christian


Ethnicity: Caucasian


Hobbies: I am pretty much open for anything; I love a lot of things


Ambitions: To swim in the Olympics


Friends: I am friends with all of the faculty and keep a close friendship with my students as well






Favorite Color: Turquoise


Favorite Food: Caesar Salads


Favorite Beverage: Milk


Favorite Book: The Catcher in the Rye


Favorite Time of Day: 6 -11 pm


Favorite Day of the Week: Friday


Favorite Season: Summer


Car: 2008 Nissan Z Roadster Grand Touring


Favorite Sport: Soccer


Favorite Place to Go: The beach


Favorite Animal: Koala


Favorite Activity: Swimming/tanning/shopping



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