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John Sanders

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Hi my name is John Sanders. I just moved to Honolulu from Washington State in September.  I came here because I am a surfer.  The waves are not as big in Washington. I am sponspored by Quicksilver, and they thought it would be better for my career if I could surf the big waves in Hawaii.  I am a senior in high school.  I really like spending my weekends on my surfboard.  My surfboard is very cool and I can't surf on anything else.  I love Hawaii, and I'm really glad I moved here.  I have made many new friends. Since I moved here I fell in love with Ursula Lelukalani.  We've been dating for four months.  I like spending my time at the beach and hanging out with Ursula.  She's a sweet girl.  And totally my type. I will probably go to college here because many teams want me to surf for them.  They think that I would be a good asset to their schools.  I am pretty smart. My GPA is about a 3.2. I live with my mom and sister who also moved here with me.  My sister is a freshman and is 14.  She likes it here too.  She spends her time laying out and getting tan. 




Physical Description

Birth date & Age: 7/18/1988

Height: 6'2

Eye Color: Blue

Build: Tall and Built

Weight: 185 lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Sex/Gender: Male

Physical adjectives: tall, built, tan.


Personality Type

Main personality traits: nice, and cool

Disposition: always happy

Self-image: I think i'm pretty cool. I like how I am.



Marital Status: dating.

Children: I'm only 18.

Place in Family: oldest child.

Immediate Family Members: Mom- Sara. Sister- Claire.

Relatives:we dont have any other relatives here.


Personal Data

Education: high school senior.

Occupation: sponspored surfer.

Social Class: upper class.

Religion: Evangelical Lutheran

Ethnicity: caucasion.

Hobbies: surfing, girls

Ambitions: surfing.

Friends: so many friends.



Favorite Color: brown

Favorite Food: Pineapples

Favorite Beverage: soda pop.

Favorite Book: I don't really read.

Favorite Time of Day: in the morning.. when the surf is the best.

Favorite Day of the Week: friday. duh.

Favorite Season: SUMMER!

Car: SUV. 

Favorite Sport: surfing.

Favorite Place to Go: the beach.

Favorite Animal: turtle.

Favorite Activity: surfing.


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