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Jake Kawakiki

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Character Name: _Jake Kawakiki


Physical Description

Birth date & Age: February 9th, 1989 18 years of age______________________________

Height: 6 feet______________________________

Eye Color: Brown_____________________________

Build: Not Fat not Skinny____________________________________ 

Weight: 170_______________________________

Hair Color: Blonde______________________________

Sex/Gender: Male___________________________

Physical adjectives: _crispy brown,  athletic, muscular (sort of)


Personality Type

Main personality traits: I love to surf and play ping pong, intelligence level is a little below average, funny, easy to get along with , knows where the party is at.

Disposition: I love to keep a positive attitude towards life. I like to meet new people and i try to be friends with them. I like to have fun anyway i can with anyone that wants to. I would say that my overall attitude in friendly.

Self-image: I see myself as a guy that loves life. I have great friends and great family. I don't judge anyone until i get to know them. I love to smile and make others smile too.



Marital Status: Not married yet

Children: No kids

Place in Family:  I am the middle child.  I have a older brother and younger brother.

Immediate Family Members:   Joey-21 years old and Tommy 16 years old. My old man goes by the name of Dan and my Ma is Jill.

Relatives: ____I dont have many relatives but i got my cousins Josh, Sarah, Annie , and Phil.  My  Aunt and uncle Mary and Isreal.The rest of my family is away or i don't know them.


Personal Data

Education: Still in High School

Occupation:Surfing and ping pong. No job of course

Social Class: My rents have a fair amount of money. I get to surf without a job. It's the life.

Religion:Catholic Christian.


Hobbies: Surf and ping pong. Usually I'm chillen with my man Hibbs!

Ambitions: I want to be involved with surfing somehow. I would like to have a normal job like a business man but still be able to surf on weekends.

Friends:Hibbs, Slash, Zana, Kelly, Slates, and the usual chicks that surf Annie, Sarah, Cassi. 



Favorite Color: Ocean Blue_____________________________

Favorite Food: Pineapple_______________________________

Favorite Beverage: Jones Soda. Grape__________________________

Favorite Book: The Da Vinci Code_______________________________

Favorite Time of Day: High Tide_________________________

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday. Day for surfing_____________________

Favorite Season: Summer_____________________________

Car: 92 Wagon_______________________________________  

Favorite Sport: Surfing or Ping Pong_____________________________

Favorite Place to Go: The beach or in the break of a wave_________________________

Favorite Animal: Panda Bear_____________________________

Favorite Activity: Surfing and ping pong_____________________________

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