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Isabel "Izzie" Cortez

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Hola! My name is Isabel Cortez, and my friends call me Izzie.  I attend Maui High School in Honolulu Hawaii.  I a 16 and a sophomore at Maui High.  I moved to Honolulu when I was eight years old, because my dad got a job here.  I used to live in Gila, New Mexico.  I love it here in Hawaii because it is always warm and it is beautiful.  In my family there is 7 children.  It sometimes gets crazy, but I love it.  I have a twin brother and sister who are 18, an older brother who is 22, a younger brother who is 13, and two younger sisters one 12 and one 8.  I play on the soccer and tennis team here in Hawaii.  I am on Varsity tennis, but JV soccer.  Almost all of my friends play the same sport as me.  My dad is a realtor and my mom is a teacher.  My mom teaches at Hillside Elementary School.  I got a job this past summer at a store called Sweet Tooth.  It is a candy and ice cream shop.  I work 2-3 times a week and I really like it.  During tennis and soccer season, I don't work.  My favorite classes are gym and history.  I hope to be a history teacher or athletic trainer when I am older.  I havn't started really looking at college, but I think the University of Denver looks like a place for me.  My oldest brother attends The University of Madison and is graduating this winter.  He is becoming a marine biologist.  My twin brother is going to The University of San Diego and my sister is going to The University of Texas.  I love to hang out with my friends and stay active.




Character Name: _______________  ________Isabel “Izzie” Cortez _____________________________________


Physical Description

Birth date & Age: ___________7/7/91 16 years old_______________________

Height: __________5'6___________________________

Eye Color:___________Blue_______________________

Build: ____________Petite__________________________ 

Weight: ____________120________________________

Hair Color: _____________Brown_____________________

Sex/Gender: _____________female___________________

Physical adjectives: ____Wavy hair, ears pierced , few freckles_____________________________________________________


Personality Type

Main personality traits: ________________Athletic, Energetic, Friendly_____________________________________________________

Disposition: ____________Positive, Friendly__________________________________________________________________

Self-image: _____________Friendly, Fun_________________________________________________________________



Marital Status: ______________________Single______________________________________________________

Children: _________________0_______________________________________________________________

Place in Family: _____Fourth youngest____________________________________________

Immediate Family Members:    2 older  brothers and one younger , one older sister  and two younger, and my parents         _________________________________________________________________

Relatives: _________________20 cousins and two sets of grandparents _____________________________________________________________


Personal Data

Education: _____________I attend Maui High School Home of the Tikis______________________________________________________________

Occupation: _______________I work at the Sweet Tooth a candy/ice cream store by my house______________________________________________________________

Social Class: _______________Middle class______________________________________________________________

Religion: _________________Catholic_______________________________________________________________

Ethnicity: ______Mexican American_____

Hobbies: ______Play soccer and tennis___________________________________________________________________

Ambitions: ___________Go to College and want to be Elementary teacher ______________________________________________________________

Friends: ________________________Friends with people on my sports teams _____________________________________________



Favorite Color: _______Blue_______________________

Favorite Food: ________Tamales_______________________

Favorite Beverage: __________Fanta________________

Favorite Book: __________Angels and Demons_____________________

Favorite Time of Day: _____Afternoon____________________

Favorite Day of the Week: ________Friday_____________

Favorite Season: _________Fall____________________

Car: ________Jeep Wrangler_______________________________  

Favorite Sport: _________To watch-Hockey To play-soccer____________________

Favorite Place to Go: _______Spain__________________

Favorite Animal: __________Dog___________________

Favorite Activity: _________Hanging out with Friends____________________





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