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Iakona Makaiau

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 Hello! Welcome to my webpage. I am a native Hawaiian and proud to be one! I currently live in Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. I live here with my mom, my dad, and my brother. I am about to attend a new high school, in fact my first high school. It is the Maui High school home to our own tikis! I hear so much about this place all the time. The education there is supposed to be great and one of the best in all of Hawaii. I'll start off by telling a little about me. I love to surf whenever i can. Sometimes I even skip school to surf. I sure hope my parents aren't reading this. I also like to hang out with my friends a lot. I am a little scared of going to high school for the first time. I've heard of bad stuff and good stuff about high school. Oh well, i'll guess i just have to find out for my self. Oh yeah, i look a lot older than i really am in the picture below. I'm still just going to be a freshman. Lots of my family has gone to Maui high school. they all said that they loved it. I am ready and can't wait for school to start. I think that it will be very exciting and interesting.




 This is me : ).




 Fortunate Son by Rolling stones.


 MlK by U2






 Pele and the rivers of fire by Michael Nordenstrom





 Liar Liar with Jim Carrey




Character Name: Iakona Makaiau


Physical Description

Birth date & Age: November 23 1989, 18 years old

Height: 5.8

Eye Color: Brown

Build: average sized muscules

Weight: 176

Hair Color: Black

Sex/Gender: Male

Physical adjectives: strong


Personality Type

Main personality traits: I am nice and love to meet new people. I love hanging out with freinds and having a good time.

Disposition: I am nice and like to get along.

Self-image: I look at myself as someone who wants to just have fun. Sometimes i may be a little self-centered.



Marital Status: Not married.

Children: No children

Place in Family:I am the youngest and have one brother.

Immediate Family Members: My dad, mom, brother.

Relatives: I have various relatives spread out across all of the Hawaiian isalnds.


Personal Data

Education: High school and then on to college.

Occupation: I surf around in tourements for money.

Social Class: I am in the upper middle social class.

Religion: Christian.

Ethnicity: Native Hawaiian

Hobbies: Surfing and eating and hanging out with friends on the beach.

Ambitions: My biggest ambition is to go to college and become a doctor.

Friends: jake Kawakiki



Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Hamburger

Favorite Beverage: pop

Favorite Book: Stones

Favorite Time of Day: Sunset

Favorite Day of the Week: Friday

Favorite Season: Summer

Car: i don't drive i surf.  

Favorite Sport: Surfing.

Favorite Place to Go: Waikiki Beach

Favorite Animal: The Monkey

Favorite Activity: Surfing with friends and feeding bananas to monkeys at the zoo.

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