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hannah montana

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Hey ya'll whats up! I'm Hannah Montana and as many of you know me, im a leading popstar sensation for all young girls out there. I moved out here to the gorgeous island of Hawii just a from months ago and I love it. I moved out here from Malibu, California because my dad got a job transfer so we moved out here. Once school starts up I am going to be attending Maui High School Home of the Tikis! I've herad some good things about this place, and that theres an awesome sports team! I'm looking foward to kick off my freshman yer and meet new people. It was hard to leave at frist but I've been kind of used to moving so much because of my occupation as a singer, going on tour dates so often. Going on tours gets in the way of school and somtimes I fall behind but I do love the life of being a popstar! Ofcrouse to keep in tact with school, I have a personal tutor trravel around with me while I'm on tour. I sure do miss my best friend, Lily though! You might think that because I am a popstar, my normal teen life is differnt from other highschoolers. But i most definetly love to do a lot of the same things as any teen girl. Some of my favorite hobbies are Shopping (a girl can never get enough of it!) going to the movies, running, haning out down the beach catching a tan, and from time to time I do enjoy riding the waves on my brothers surfboard. I live with my brother and dad. My brother is Jackson and he's 17 years old. We have a typical brother-sister relationship. I get along very well with my father and he supports my singing career 100%, but ofcourse he always has me put school first. I've been getting a lot of attention out here as Hannah Montana and I do like it because it helps me get to know the teens around here but somtimes I wish I could just be a normal person living a normal life. I like the highschool out here so far! It's a good life. I love my family and friends and thank them everyday for supporting me through my career, and thinking of me as a person rather than just Hannah Montana the popstar.








Dad, Bro Jackson, Me, Friend Oliver, BFF Lily













Some more information you might want to know about me..



Physical Description


Birth date & Age: November 23, 1992


Height: 5''8


Eye Color: blue and in the summer they somtimes changes color with the sun


Build: tall with a skinny body and some muscle on the arm, but not a horrible amount, to much muscle on girls doesn't look so hot!


Weight: 140


Hair Color: blonde




Physical adjectives:tall, tan, good flat stomach with abs..4 pack




Personality Type


Main personality traits: fun, loving, outgoing, crazy, wild


Disposition: normally an energetic happy gal


Self-image: caring for others






Marital Status: single..oh boys..!


Children: none


Place in Family: youngest child of 2


Immediate Family Members: lives with dad and brother, Jackson


Relatives: Family is real important and therefore, i try to see them a lot such as my grandma, grandpa, 4 aunts, 2 uncles, 5 cousins




Personal Data


Education: in highschool


Occupation: singer


Social Class: middle


Religion: catholic


Ethnicity: white caucasian


Hobbies: catching a tan down at the beach, shopping, movies, singing, running, traveling, cooking


Ambitions: make people happy with my music


Friends: best friend is Lily, and she knows everything about me--shes practically my sister






Favorite Color: green


Favorite Food: french fries


Favorite Beverage: dr pepper


Favorite Book: Perks of Being A Wallflower...obviously


Favorite Time of Day: night time, i love going out with my girls at night and living the life!


Favorite Day of the Week: friday


Favorite Season: spring


Car: anything that a boy likes to see a girl crusin' aroud in ; )


Favorite Sport: surfing


Favorite Place to Go: beach


Favorite Animal: giraffe


Favorite Activity: hangning with my girl Lily!

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