Hailey Conrad


Hi everybody! My name is Hailey Conrad. I am 22 years old and I am finishing up my fourth year at St. Kates! I have a fabulous boyfriend named Justin. We have been together for like six years! I know I am going to marry him! I currently work as a bar tender at a local club, but I am studying to be a nurse. I feel that I can drastically reduce the death rate in third world countries. I care about political issues that are on the news. I like to shop, get massages, facials, work out, and walk my dog. I try to stay active so I don't get fat, beacuse that would be like the worst thing ever! When I was eight years old my dad died in a car accident. I still haven't really gotten over it, but that is why I go to therapy sometimes. For the most part I love my life and I am a pretty happy girl!




Birth date & Age: May 21, 1985 Age 22


Physical Description


Height: 5'3"


Eye Color: Emerald green


Build: petite


Weight: 107


Hair Color: Dark brown, with light brown highlights


Sex/Gender: Female


Physical adjectives: Very small girl, many ear piercings, and tiny feet




Personality Type


Main personality traits: I am very funny and witty, I say what's on my mind and don't really care what other people think


Disposition: I'm nice to you if you're nice to me.


Self-image: I'm very confident about myself, I'm not intimidated by anyone.






Marital Status: Not married, but I've been with boyfriend for 6 years


Children: none


Place in Family: The youngest child, I have 3 older brothers


Immediate Family Members: My mom Karen, my stepdad Tom, my brother Riley 24, my other brother Patrick 26, and my oldest brother Mason 29. (My dad died when I was 8 years old in a car accident.)


Relatives: Many aunts and uncles (Two sets on my moms side, three on my dads.)




Personal Data


Education: High school graduate, currently working on my fourth year of college at St. Kates.


Occupation: currently a bar tender, hopefully will be a nurse someday.


Social Class: working class


Religion: Not a hard core Christian, but I attend church pretty often.


Ethnicity: Caucasian


Hobbies: I like to get massages every Monday morning with my boyfriend Justin. I work out every Tuesday and Thursday with my personal trainer. I like to shop, swim/hot tub, watch the show Friends, go to movies, and go salsa dancing every Friday night!


Ambitions: One day I hope to be a nurse for kids in third world countries. I just want the death rate of children in those countries to drastically decrease, and I feel that I could help that dream come alive.


Friends: I don't want to brag, but I have a lot of friends. I have friends at church, school, work, from high school, and I am friends with many of my boyfriends friends and their girlfriends. So it is safe to say that I am never bored.


Favorite Color: HOT pink


Favorite Food: Buffalo Wild Wings are definitely my favorite food ever! I could live on those and these cookies they would sell at my high school by a lady named Pam.


Favorite Beverage: Raspberry Lemonade


Favorite Book: Gossip Girl series


Favorite Time of Day: Around 10 o'clock at night (not too early, not too late)


Favorite Day of the Week: Friday night!


Favorite Season: Summer! No school, and it is almost always warm.


Car: Black Lexus


Favorite Sport: Tennis


Favorite Place to Go: To my cabin in Brainerd, MN with my boyfriend on the fourth of July weekend.


Favorite Animal: Miniture yorkshire terrior with a pink bow in her hair.


Favorite Activity: Playing tennis and walking my dog.