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Gabrielle Alexander

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Aloha, I am Gabrielle Alexander, most people call me Gabbie. I have lived in Honolulu my whole life. One of the perks of living on an island is that the ocean is right at your feet. I live in a beautiful house right off the ocean and have lived there my whole life. I have been surfing basically since i could walk. I love to surf, it clears my head and helps me get away from the stressful live a being a high school senior. I also am a musician. I play drums, guitar and i also love to sing. In my spair time i love to do all of those things plus i am also on a competition dance team. Let me tell  you about my family. My dad Cain, is a pilot for Aloha Airlines so, he can be gone a lot but the cool thing is my family gets to travel to all these amazing places. Like last summer we spend 3 weeks in New Zeland it was really sweet. Anyway, my mom Michaela, use to be a model i hope to follow in her footsteps soon. Now she works as a receptionist for a photography agency. I have an older brother Zayden who is 25, he works for a graphic design company in New York City, he usually tries to visit as much as he can. I also have a younger brother who is 10 his name is Xander.  Next year i hope to attend Hawaii Pacific University, i am not sure what i want to do yet for a major but i will figure it out soon. I am currently working as a bartender at a night club and am modeling for a clothing designer.



Character Name: Gabrielle Alexander


Physical Description

Birth date & Age: November 9, 1989 so that makes me 18

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Eye Color: Dark brown almost black

Build: Skinny and tall

Weight: 110

Hair Color: Light brown

Sex/Gender: Female

Physical adjectives: Tall, petit, radiant skin, tan.


Personality Type

Main personality traits: Very honset, Sensative, outgoing

Disposition: Mature

Self-image: its ok.



Marital Status: Single

Children: Maybe someday but not anytime soon

Place in Family: Middle child

Immediate Family Members: Dad: Cain Alexander, Mom: Michaela Alexander, Brother: Zayden Alexander, age 25, Brother: Xander Alexander,age 10

Relatives: wow i have no idea where to start


Personal Data

Education: Senior in high school

Occupation: student, bartender, model

Social Class: upper middle class

Religion: Christan

Ethnicity: White

Hobbies: Surfing, dancing, drumming, guitaring, singing, painting, chillin with friends

Ambitions: To be successful in everything i do and to try and make this world a better place for everyone to live

Friends: to many



Favorite Color: Rose red

Favorite Food: pizza

Favorite Beverage: water

Favorite Book: The Giver

Favorite Time of Day: after 9pm

Favorite Day of the Week: friday and saterday night

Favorite Season: Summer

Car: Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Favorite Sport: Dance

Favorite Place to Go: The water

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Activity: Anything Active


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