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College Writing is making new characters for our online role-play


Using Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak and Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower,


in conjunction with our own real world experiences, students will create characters based

in a high school that we make up online.  These characters will interact in a role-play,

which will happen in the space provided in our Schooled the Write Way blog. 


Remember that the character has to be someone involved in a high school in Honolulu, HI,

which is the city that was picked for the overall best information, links and picture provided.

This is our high school:



Please use the information below and the data provided from Wikipedia: Charlie's Example  in the sidebar

to get an idea of what you should do for this assignment.  The more information you have for your character,

the better you will do on this.  Copy the list below and make your own page.  Name your page your character's name

and create a link for it in the sidebar.  You should also make some lists of your character's favorite things as is done

on the Wikipedia page, and you should add pictures and links as one might do in Blogger, MySpace or Facebook.




Character Name: __________________________________________________________________________


Physical Description

Birth date & Age: __________________________________

Height: _____________________________________

Eye Color:__________________________________

Build: ______________________________________  

Weight: ____________________________________

Hair Color: __________________________________

Sex/Gender: ________________________________

Physical adjectives: ________________________________________________________________________


Personality Type

Main personality traits: _____________________________________________________________________

Disposition: ______________________________________________________________________________

Self-image: ______________________________________________________________________________



Marital Status: ____________________________________________________________________________

Children: ________________________________________________________________________________

Place in Family: ___________________________________________________________________________

Immediate Family Members: _________________________________________________________________

Relatives: _______________________________________________________________________________


Personal Data

Education: ______________________________________________________________________________

Occupation: _____________________________________________________________________________

Social Class: _____________________________________________________________________________

Religion: ________________________________________________________________________________

Ethnicity: ________________________________________________________________________________

Hobbies: ________________________________________________________________________________

Ambitions: _______________________________________________________________________________

Friends: _________________________________________________________________________________



Favorite Color: ______________________________

Favorite Food: _______________________________

Favorite Beverage: __________________________

Favorite Book: _______________________________

Favorite Time of Day: _________________________

Favorite Day of the Week: _____________________

Favorite Season: _____________________________

Car: _______________________________________   

Favorite Sport: _____________________________

Favorite Place to Go: _________________________

Favorite Animal: _____________________________

Favorite Activity: _____________________________



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