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Chloe Parker

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Hey everybody, I'm Chloe Parker.  I live in Honolulu with my mom , older sister Hailey, younger brother Jude,and my grandparents.  My Father pasted away two years ago because of conplications with his heart surgery.  Before my father pasted away life was easy, I didn't have to work because my dad spoiled us.  But after he passed he apparently owed alot of money to the bank and we had to move out of our house in Califorina.  We went to go live with my mom's parents in Hawaii.  I actually like Hawaii a lot better then California, this state is so much more laid back and the people here aren't obessesed with becoming famous. 


Physical Description

Birth date & Age:   May 21, 1990   17 years old

Height:  5 feet  5.5 inches

Eye Color:  bluish green

Build: athletic and toned  

Weight: 120

Hair Color:  blonde

Sex/Gender:  female

Physical adjectives:  faire skin, wide eyes,


Personality Type

Main personality traits:  laid back/easy going, outgoing around people I know, smart, have a hard time trusting people

Disposition:  happy, nice

Self-image:  I am happy with the way I look, but I am hard on myself when it comes to the grades I get



Marital Status:  single

Children:  none

Place in Family:  middle child

Immediate Family Members:  I live with my mom, older sister Hailey, and my younger brother Jude.   My Father pasted away two years ago because of conplications with his heart surgery.

Relatives: I have a huge family, my mom has six brothers, four sisters, and her parents.   On my dad's side, he has two brothers, four sisters, and his dad has pasted away, but his mother is still living.


Personal Data

Education:  Junior in high school

Occupation:  student and work at Classic Surfboards Hawaii  <http://classicsurfhawaii.com/classichome.html>

Social Class:  middle / low income

Religion:  catholic, don't make it to church very often

Ethnicity:  white caucasian

Hobbies:  I enjoy surfing and rock climbing, even though I am not very good at the both of them.  I love to read a good book and walk my dog "Tiny" on the beach.                

Ambitions:  Once I get out of high school I want to go to college for psychiatry or something in medicine. 

Friends:  Rosie Larson is my best friend



Favorite Color:  orange

Favorite Food: 

Favorite Beverage: 

Favorite Book:  A Thousand Splendid Suns

Favorite Time of Day:  When the sun is setting.

Favorite Day of the Week:  Friday

Favorite Season:  Summer

Car:  1965 Mustang Coupe

Favorite Sport:  tennis

Favorite Place to Go:  the beach

Favorite Animal:  My puppy and I also think Jackson Chameleons are cool.

Favorite Activity:  surfing and playing soccer on the beach with friends

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