Barbie Mickelson





Hey Everyone! Okay so my name is Barbie! Ah Im like super friendly and love shopping! I mean like hello who doesn't? I go to Maui High School in Honolulu! Its totally fun and I love it! I moved here when I was eight. My dad wanted to move here cuz he got a really good job. He owns like ten surf shops on this island. its awesome. Im totally funny and I have a ton of friends! I dont want to brag or anything but Im pretty much the best thing on this izland. Im crazy smart and fun to be around. I love my house! its really big and its a fun party house. its always pretty kickin. I love throwing themed parties. Like beach theme or like halloween or whatev. its always fun! My favorite thing to do is chew gum. I love every flavor and I always get bored during school so it passes time.My best friend is Summer Roberts! what up BETCH! haha i heart her. We hang out all the time. So yeah heres a lil more about me!







Me and my girls at the beach!!!




Physical Description

Birth date & Age: I was born May 23rd 1991

Height: 5'7

Eye Color: Atlantic Ocean Blue

Build: Im althletic and I have great legs:)

Weight: 115-120

Hair Color: Sandy Blonde aka gorgeous

Sex/Gender: femail

Physical adjectives: k well im obviously good looking my hair is silky smooth and my curves are kickin


Personality Type

Main personality traits: funny, caring, loving, outgoing, off the hook, OC

Disposition: everyone totally loves me! duh




Marital Status: not married yet.. im only in high school HELLO!? but i have like the best bf ever! ah hes super hot! my bff summer has a bf who is my bf best friend so its totally AWESOME!

Children: nada

Place in Family:youngest. i have two older siblings. one brother ken(21) and an older sister theresa (19)


Immediate Family Members: mom, dad, ken, and theresa. oh and my dog sparky:)


Relatives: most live in IdaHO so i never really see them. i mean hello who wants to go to Idaho? BORING! thank god my parents have brains and moved here!



Personal Data

Education: high school?


Occupation: What the hell? eh no thanks im a model though so look out im gonna be famous soon!

Social Class: definetelty upper! and proud of it betches!


Religion: Lutheran


Ethnicity: white, but i tan alot.


Hobbies: shopping, going to the beach with summer! my (BFF) getting manis and pettis. hanging out with my bf, playing with puppies, massages, buying new cars , going on super expensive vacations etc


Ambitions: marry a millionare


Friends: ha like a zillion




Favorite Color: pink


Favorite Food: chips and salsa! yummy in my tummy


Favorite Beverage: strawberry daquari (virgin unfortunately), diet coke, dp (docta peppa)


Favorite Book: does cosmo count?


Favorite Time of Day: night! party time!


Favorite Day of the Week: friday!


Favorite Season: i like all the seasons cuz its always warm here!


Car: silver BMW convertable


Favorite Sport: lacrosse hockey and volleyball


Favorite Place to Go: summers house and the mall


Favorite Animal: golden retreiver


Favorite Activity: beach volleyball